EPICUREAN was formed to cater to the specific insurance needs of the restaurant industry. 

The word EPICUREAN is derived from the Epicureans who were followers of the Greek philosopher Epicurus. Epicurus, a lover of fine food and drink, believed that, to ensure tranquility, we must not only tend to our stomachs but also to our minds, thereby achieving wisdom. 
LISA HAINES (Restaurant Specialist) - Approach/Philosophy 

Lisa believes that each business becomes an extension of the owners' vision and approach and insurance programs must be customized to meet client current and future needs. 

Lisa's approach is based on how she wants to be treated as a customer - honestly, sincerely and fairly. Using a "hands on" and collaborative approach, she helps you control your costs through competitive pricing, an annual review of your program and loss control/claims management efforts. 

Lisa has specialized in insuring restaurants for more than 20 years. Her clients include independent restaurants as well as franchise and multi-state restaurant accounts. In an era where many insurance companies want to do "automatic renewals, Lisa insists on reviewing and negotiating the account, no matter what size your account is.


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